Blessed Friday

It’s been a soggy few weeks here in The Plains.

Everyone’s looking on Craigslist and Ebay to buy passage on the Ark, which is surely what’s coming next if the rains keep coming down. Our lakes have filled up. From drought to FULL in 5 days.

We are lucky here, only some basement flooding and some a/c issues and Mark is working to resolve both of those.

In other news, we have managed to keep this house super clean ALL WEEK!!!

I’m not even kidding as to how that needs a celebration on it’s own.

Last week I got things planted and it’s been fun to watch them grow. The seeds have sprouted. All except for my sunflower garden, which were eaten by birds as the seeds washed to the top of the ground. It’s okay. I’ve got more.

The weekend is full of fun. Time spent with friends, celebrating big moments in life, birthdays, new adventures.

Summer Breeze concert series starts Sunday, and while that means Mark will be booked I’ll get to spend my day with Audra and enjoy some last moments before she and Joe head to DC on Monday.

Memorial Day weekend is just ahead and that means time with my sisser and her family and camping. It’ll be a short week and a long weekend and I cannot wait.

Cheers to you and yours this Friday.

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