Getting It Right

There’s something to be said for saying, “no.”

For not having a calendar so full that is choking.

For being able to have those spontaneous “YES’s!”

This weekend has been one of those for us, and as I sat in the movies hiding from the 3D dinosaurs with one hand over my face and squeezing my husbands hand with the other I almost giggled out loud at how happy I was.

We biked all over our town this weekend. We enjoyed the 2nd Friday Downtown Artwalk. We saw friends and drank some beers with them. We participated in our community and I just relish it all.

Friday night, as we stood outside waiting for a table with our friends the weather shifted. We felt it change and looked at the weather app and decided that we needed to hustle it back home. We were on our bikes and it was the first night time ride for me and I was just a little nervous. We made it home and in-I kid you not- five minutes the sky opened up and started pouring.

Saturday was a day to ignore the house work, the laundry and the weekly chores. We were going to the movies. I was giddy. There we were, driving to north OKC to see Jurassic World in IMAX 3D because the Warren (closer to our house) was sold out. Once we arrived, the only seats were the very. front. row. Imax. 3D. 

And look, we tried it for a few previews. But I was getting so upset and just mad. Because I was excited for this and we drive 45 minutes and passed several theatres so we could do it this way and it wasn’t working out. When I finally mustered the “Let’s see it at another time” I just kind of held my breath expecting Mark to… I don’t know what exactly. Get mad or annoyed or respond in some negative fashion. Which is weird because that is not my husband at all, so it’s some natural instinct to expect the worst I guess.

And we went to another showing just a few minutes later and saw it in just normal 3D and we were in great seats and just like that it hit me at just how good it really is. I almost giggled out loud.

It has been one of those weekends that has felt light. And good.

The weight of the world is still there. The worry and the outside influences and the toxic people and the work frustrations and hurt feelings…they’re still out there waiting to pounce.

But this weekend we were just fine and dandy like a hard candy Christmas.

Sometimes it’s ok to say No in order to say Yes. It’s a lesson that I don’t get quite right all of the time, but it sure feels good when I do.


2 thoughts on “Getting It Right

  1. I’m having a hard time being back at work. I wish I had one more week of beach. Or Chattanooga. But then I remember that I’d rather save some vacation days to come see you guys.


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