Living Well

This has been my week for health and wellness. Monday was a follow up with my new GP and I was down a handful or more lbs, my blood pressure was down and the medication I have been on for a month is working wonders. I also got my flu shot.

So grownup.

Mark was out of town in DC for a training and Winnie and I took it pretty hard. Sammy however, was really glad to be back to just us in the queen size bed.

Thursday morning, as I just prayed for safe travels for my husband and to see him home safely, I went back to my dermatologist. I had 9 places frozen/burnt off. NINE. One, on my back, caused the Dr to change her tone of voice.

It was pre-cancerous. She gave me straight talk, and said not to worry that when I go back in four months she fully expected it to be gone. The other places on my left arm (the same arm my flu shot went into) are giant blisters. Let me repeat again.

They are giant blisters.

It hurts, it’s gross. I feel like a braille book.

It is all worth it however. I have a major amount of sun damage/skin damage. This is my normal now.

And as I said all day yesterday, it’s better than the alternative.

Today I will go buy my wish lists for my foster kids. A boy and a girl, both 1 year olds, and in the system. I pray that they will feel loved, and feel joy this season and everyday.

Our family still needs your prayers for our brother Tim who is battling cancer.

My sweet Mandrea lost her daddy so suddenly last weekend. They could use some prayers too, as she has lost both her daddy and her Bonus Dad in the same year.

This time of year, the holiday cards and decorations and lights and general wish for peace…it seems that the bad is just exacerbated, and multiplying.

Hold on to the good.

Live well.

Take care of yourself.

This life, even with all of it’s petty Facebook squabbles, is worth the living.

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