Happy House


My Timehop app tells me that Mark and I have put up our tree on this same day for the last three years. Last year was my ring selfie. Two years ago we got snow.

This is the first year we haven’t gone at night, in the bitter cold. It was a gloriously sunny day, we went, we looked for a few minutes, and we selected. Perhaps the fastest turn around in our history of tree buying. We have our tree. The outdoor decor will happen tomorrow. Mark is in the floor right now doing lights, dutifully checking for burnt out bulbs and explaining “series-wired-lights” to me,  replacing the bad ones so that I can have all the twinkle lights I want.

There are so many things about that man that I love, so many times he says, “I can fix that.”  Not once has he ever gotten out of sorts when it comes to holiday decorating. Not when we go buy a tree. Not when I need help hanging garland. Not when I want to add just a “few more” somethings to our scheme.

We’ve listened to The Sibley’s Christmas album, some Elvis Christmas, the Relevent Magazine free Christmas albums…it’s been quite lovely.

In a bit, I’ll decorate the tree, look at all of the ornaments and swim through the memories that come with each one. MeMe Lois’s elves are dancing on our antique radio. MeMe Mid’s nativity is set up, aglow with lights and love. I’ve got a pot of apple, orange, clove and cinnamon simmering on the stove and between that and the 8 foot Noble Fir in my living room…this house smells warm and safe and inviting and lovely.

Happy lives here.

I urge you to step away from the internet. Step away from the news. Step away from the vitriolic conversations.

Go get some free music. Pour a glass of wine, or grab a cup of cider.


Cheers to a glorious Saturday night!

One thought on “Happy House

  1. I have plans to put up our tree this weekend. After I’ve cleaned the house that has somehow managed to crust over. I’m nervous about the dog and cat and the tree. Your tree always looks lovely.


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