Failure to Launch

Our kickoff to 2016 was a dud.

Not NYE, because we were surrounded by friends and games and laughter and booze and spinach dip that would make you cry.

And not NY Day because we are DINKs (dual income no kids) and we stayed in sloth mode most of the day.

But sometime Sunday evening, I began to feel the funk of a wretched cold. Wretched, I’m telling ya. Someone gave me a germ. And I was around a lot of croupy-coughy people, but we also sat in many a movie theatre surrounded by masses, and I had loaned out my cold-warding-off essential oils to a friend, and it just happened.

I tried to go to work on Monday. I did. I was excited to get started, to launch our marketing plans and social media plans and hit the ground running. I got there and found a corrupted computer that needed work and really, made it till noon.

The only thing running was my fever. I got home as soon as I could so as not to spread the germ to my office and worked from the bed for the next two days. Coughing, sweating, chills, snot…it was ugly.


But I believe in medicating all of the ways with all of the things and by Wednesday I was back at the office with my Outlander A Day Calendar and my friends and here we are the first full week of 2016 finds me happy to be feeling well, looking forward to getting some groceries (we are even out of foil and handsoap ya’ll) taking down the final Christmas decor (Mark took down the tree this week thank God) and generally doing the things I normally would have already done.

All things considered, 2016 has made me really happy.

I have been very aware of how lucky I am, how good life is, this week. I had an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and joy to be back at work among my people, working on a plan. I have tried to take those moments and let them soak in.

The calendar speeds up after this weekend. I work the next weekend, we are in Denver the next and I work the last. That brings us to February. Cookie Sale! Mark is gone to KCMO for a music thing, our 1 year anniversary is at the end of the month HOLY CRAP ONE YEAR, and then is March. You see how the year is going already, right?

So this weekend, among all of the chores I’m happily doing, I will be taking time to savor the moment. I’ll be happy that I have time to clean and change the sheets and stock the shelves and meal plan.

Because while it may have taken a day or two to actually launch, this year is already on the track to be the fastest one yet.

Buckle up!

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