Good for the Soul

We took ourselves a mini-break to Colorado this past weekend. Unbeknownst to us it would land on the playoff game between Denver and New England. It didn’t really hinder us in any way, we spent our downtown day on Saturday, before the mayhem.

Everyone kept asking why we were there and our answer was as vague as we could be.

Because really, there wasn’t much purpose. We just wanted to get away. The flights were too cheap not to go. We have friends and nephews in that area and I’ve never been on a winter vacation before. Nor have I been to Colorado and stayed in a hotel before.

It was quite lovely, to have no set agenda. We sat across tables from the likes of Haley and Whitney and saw our nephew Jordan. We made new friends in Joe and laughed and laughed and told stories and laughed more. We saw the sights. We spent time in Boulder, finding delicious breakfasts and coffees. We walked around neighborhoods. We drove up through the mountains to Estes and over to Loveland and Ft. Collins and Longmont. We went to some breweries and had delicious beers.

I had been dry since January 1, and lordahmercy it tasted good! But we didn’t go nuts.

It was the first time Mark and I have ever flown together, and I loved it. We travel so well together, very in sync. He read a book, I watched The Intern on the flight there and The Spy on the way back. EasyPeezy. He really is my favorite person in the world.

It made all the difference knowing our livestock and home were in the care of Alex. Knowing that she would take great care and love all of it as if it were her own, I can’t even tell you what peace of mind that gives us.

I didn’t do too horribly counting my points either. I went back to Weight Watchers this month and got off to a really great start, but I have little faith to see a loss at weigh in tomorrow. I’m ok with that. This whole Beyond The Scale thing is working for me. #NSV non scale victories are something I’m paying attention to and whatever weigh in looks like tomorrow, it’ll be better next week. Flying makes the body do crazy things, so I’m going in with a clear head. But it was nice to be able to do a vacation and pay attention without it making me crazy, or feeling like I was missing out on the fun food adventures. That in itself was a giant #nsv.

Our flight was delayed a bit this afternoon but we still got home in time for me to get the groceries purchases and meal plans for the week, fresh sheets on the bed and a really good walk with Winnie in the cold. Getting those steps in no matter what! I can feel my brain trying to go to work, cookies are around the corner and there is much to be done…and I’m pulling it back…savoring the final moments of this trip. This was our last reprieve before Cookie Season  for me, a busy February with him hitting Folk Alliance in KCMO, and our anniversary to boot. Before we know it we’ll be boarding a plane and heading to DC in April.

It’s a full life, but a happy one. I made so many mental notes of #NSV moments as well as those really quality “this is our life” moments on this trip…it’s so easy to get so damn busy that we forget about it. We turn another page in the calendar and just zoom through it all.

It’s important to make it count. Make it all count.

That’s exactly what we did this weekend.



One thought on “Good for the Soul

  1. My favorite thing to do in Boulder is to take a tour of the Celestial Seasonings tea factory. They let you walk into the mint room which will clear your sinuses in seconds. I’m glad you got to get away and relax.


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