Baby Step One: Delete Delete Delete

My desire to savor the moments this year manifested today in my deleting Facebook off of my phone.

When did we get to a place where something as trivial as deleting an application from a phone was major?

But who are we kidding. You know it’s real. I’ve reached for it a million times today just out of mindless habit. We all do it. I’m not shaming, judging or trying to compel you to do it just because I am. This is just the thing I’m doing.

When I was in those moments, those mindless phone moments, I looked at photo streams and not once did I see disparaging remarks about stupid people, orange cheetos, violent football players, or rants about how Garth Brooks is no longer a True Oklahoman since he chose not to perform at the impending inauguration.

This is just what I saw a moment ago when I logged on via laptop, just in the first five minutes.

I continue to delete and hide.  I cannot stand the mindless posting of obvious misinformation. Is no one curious anymore? Aren’t you just the teensiest bit CURIOUS about the world at all? Just fucking get curious again. Do some research. Tell the REAL story.

See? See how it riles me up?

deep breath in. deep breath out.

So anyways, I deleted it from my phone. And I feel happy of myself.

Today is the final day of a glorious break from it all. The sun was shining, the temperature said 70 degrees. I spent the morning writing. I have the honor of officiating a wedding ceremony of two friends next weekend so I worked on their words until we were all weepy and happy.

We packed up all the decorations, the house is still shiny and I burned my smudge stick and set intentions for the house this year.  I made a delicious meal with clean ingredients. Tons of water and even a little nap made the day damn near perfect.

I usually dry out in January, no booze. I decided I’d do that again. It always feels good to just slow my roll awhile. If I can get rid of this stupid cough (thank’s record-breaking cedar pollen) I’ll be in great shape to start the work week tomorrow.

So there we have it. Baby steps towards savoring the moment. Encourage curiosity whenever you can. Find me on Insta if you feel like it @Mistikae



I think I just found my words for the year.

3 thoughts on “Baby Step One: Delete Delete Delete

  1. I need to smudge our house. We cleaned on Friday and Michael vacuumed four times. Part of that was from being out of town. Part of that was from dusting everything, even the ceilings. We blew dirt out of our noses for a day. Now we have new air filters and a clean house and it should be blessed. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Beautiful. Clear minded and action oriented, I love it.
    And although you didn’t invite us to do the same, I felt compelled to delete FB from my phone, too. For a time saver, for easing up on the eye/brain junk, etc. Big fat yes to how badly we need to improve our news appetites.
    Happy New Year to you!!


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