Eclipse Crazy YaYa

Last week was equal parts beautiful and bonkers. The first week on a new job combined with an event is just about surviving. It’s eclipse crazy. YAYA! Yeah. Let’s blame the eclipse.

Late nights, a blown transformer on event day producing no power in the venue, a working transformer in time to cool down the space for 300 + guests, laughing hysterically during clean up and load out and a weekend spent in mindful rest, volunteering and learning a new instrument.


The eclipse is tomorrow. We are not traveling, but Mark did get us some of the last glasses in the world. I watched the newscast with Walter Cronkite from the last total eclipse in the 70’s and it’s just so cool. I love stuff like this.

Perhaps that’s what motivated me to pull the plug on learning an instrument. I’ve been talking about it for years, and we’ve talked about several possibilities. The guitar, (seems awfully daunting to me) a concertina. Because cute.

But after a conversation with Julie a few weeks ago I’ve been leaning toward a ukulele. The first step is learning how to spell the damn thing. Anywhoo, on Friday night I posted on the fb asking if anyone had one I could borrow just to test drive one. BOOM. My friend from jr high and high school messaged with “I’ve got one you can have- and it true El Reno fashion-lets meet at Sonic!”

and Bob’s your uncle, I now own a ukulele and some music!

This has been my most fun thing in awhile. Also, ya’ll. The look on Marks face when I learn chords and start to play music together? It’s something pretty special.

I’m happily still meditating, finding that there are significant pieces of consecutive time where I am totally in the moment, where I acknowledge how grateful I am for things like time with my best friend who is teaching me how to play an instrument, the summer wind on my face as we ride our bikes on neighborhood streets, the snuggle of my sweet sweet going blind fast baby kitty and the support and laughter of an amazing group of friends who also happen to be co-workers.

Also, Keshia’s new album is giving me life this week.

Who would’ve ever thought that at 46 years old, I would be touting the musical stylings of Keshia. Formerly Ke$hia.

What can I say?

Blame it on the eclipse.

4 thoughts on “Eclipse Crazy YaYa

    1. Sammy. One eye is 100% clouded over and this week I’ve seen him run directly into chairs, fall off the table and get scared shitless by the corgi who was right in front of him. sad heart.


  1. Oh, poor Sammy Kitty. That is hard to watch and bear. I do think the job and learning music sound like positive, fun moves. Wish I were musical.


  2. I thought about trying to learn a ukulele, but then I decided to just go back to reading music. I used to be able to read music like a second language. I’m amazed at how much I’ve forgotten and how slow I am now at naming the notes as I go along a score.

    Enjoy the ukulele!


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