New Beginnings

I’m back here again. Reclaiming my space in the writing world. It’s different, there are adjustments to make and new things to navigate, but it feels good to have a space to write. The world is maddening and life is busy and fast and without a place to put the words in my head, I have found that things go sideways.

So I feel happy that we have this place again.

I’ll make it mine, hang some photos on the wall, spiff things up at some point.

This weekend though, I remain in a state of gratefulness at the slow moving theme of the days and nights. The easy pace of sleeping in, sipping coffee and putting off taking down the outdoor decor, putting up the boxes of indoor holiday decor. It’ll be there tomorrow. Today we just wanted rest.

Sunday saw us back in the pew at St. Johns. What a respite that was for my soul. I pray for grace, for patience and for all of the broken pieces of me to become one. This human life is complicated, made more so with daily interruptions, family squabbles, impatience and deep seeded fears. I felt grace flowing all over me, and have continued to feel it. I know I was where I was supposed to be.

Something to be said about returning to a safe space.



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