Pot Luck and Hot Bubbles

Today we’re having pot luck at work for the June birthdays. Potluck is always a good/bad day. Good if you’re busy. Run back, grab a snack, run bang hair. Today….I have two clients.

dum de dum dum dummmmmmmmmmm.

the image of me faceplanted in a crockpot of warm velveeta should pop into your head around two this afternoon….

I mentioned that with the slowness and my intent to abscond from the internet every second of every night, I’ve been reading. Here’s my list thusly for the last month or so.

The Wonder Spot
Big Stone Gap
Big Cherry Hollar
Milk Glass Moon
Home to Big Stone Gap
Patron Saint of Liars

That might be it. I feel like I’ve squeezed another in there somewheres, but my mind is like the ticket counter at Yankee stadium on the last game of the year.

So now…not purchasing anything but the goal being to read what I have in my library…I’m kind of stumped. I wonder what’ll be next. I’ve got Tom Robbins on my shelf. I have never finished a Tom Robbins book. I feel like I need to. I feel like anyone cool reads Tom Robbins. I have some Susan Sontag. (self indulgent overrated crap so says Bull Durham…slurp) I’ve never read her either. The Red Tent is up there. Nada. I have several Barbara Kingsolver’s over there. Never cracked open. our next self help salon bookclub is Rich Dad Poor Dad. Bleargh. God save me from another self help forced reading. gag. My response to that? I’m not twenty anymore. and I’m bored. Any suggestions???

So ok. Maybe I’ll pull a little Shell Silverstein to carry me into Friday.

I know I’m being all bla bla bla my life, bla bla bla I’m bored, bla bla bla I’m lonely bla bla bla i need coffee this week/month/year. I must tell you though, I am happy. I don’t have any desire to have a fistfull of anything that will harm me. I am not on the cross about anything, or overly annoyed by life…There is just an unsettled, uneasy, very strong desire for something that is gurgling hot bubbles under my skin. I figure if I just keep talking it out here…when it happens we’ll all be able to go, Ahhhhhh! We THOUGHT you were coming. See! Go back and read! WE all knew it was going to happen soon!

I’ve decided to really sit still this weekend. Clean my room.
and by clean my room I mean work in the yard. and ….clean my room. ok. yeah. I need to do that. well. the guest room. my room is fine. ok. a little work in there too…and yes. I know. a little metaphysical/spiritual/internal work as well.

So. Here’s to a weekend of introspection. Of Getting The Room READY! and of course, to me being faceplanted in a warm crock of velveeta.

fake cheese is really the best cheese.

4 thoughts on “Pot Luck and Hot Bubbles

  1. You know that thrift store in my hood with the dollar books? I always buy the travel books. I barely flip through them, but I've got quite a little collection going…some of them seem reasonable and accessible…like DC and Boston…but there are the ones that seem to only be dreams…Venice and Costa Rica.Ah, me.


  2. Cheeeese! I want some now. IS it too early for that?I loved the Red Tent and the Poisonwood Bible. Actually, feel like I need to pick Poisonwood up and read it again.


  3. Yeah, Kingsolver, especially POisonwood but also maybe that one with maybe summer in the title, lots of leaves on the hardback cover. I wrote you a rough draft but I'm all sick and bleh now so it's going to take me a bit to type it in for you.


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