Come On Tuesday!!!

GOD I hope I’m busy this week. Seriously. I was talking to another hair stylist last night who works elsewhere in our city and he’s hurting too…gah. Double and triple GAH! So. hopefully.

Had an impromptu gathering/cookout here on Saturday night. Hotdogs. Chips and dip. Sitting under the gazebo talking into the wee hours! Brilliant! That is my favorite part of owning a house. This house. the wind made the gazebo into more of a sunroof, which drove me batty. Hopefully we can get that re-enginered and a little more stabilized before the next one. We all agreed that we’re doing this more this summer instead of going out and spending $. Just hanging around the yard. My kind of entertainment!

Have not much on my plate this week. need to get the front yard mowed tonight but that’s about it. Hopefully just being still and making money…hopefully…doing some writing. Heading to Arkansas next weekend to spend some time with the fam, and give fresh hair before their vaca next month.

Watched more BSG yesterday. Maybe I’ll finish season two this week. That’s a goal I can live with! Cable got cut down to the bare minimum…and strangely enough the channels I get with basic? Not even worth the 13 bucks. However, I don’t want to have to get one of those converter thingsy so will just keep it for awhile. I don’t miss it so far. Wonderboy, however, will prolly go apeshit without his channels when he visits this summer…wah wah wah.

Ok. coffeecoffeecoffee. Happy Tuesday! Hope your week, if it started yesterday, is going smoothly! Wish me busy this week!

4 thoughts on “Come On Tuesday!!!

  1. So what are people doing for their hair? Do we have a bunch of ugly, roots growing out, split end people running around during the recession? I don't get it. Hair is a luxury, yes. But also necessary. And even though I only get mine trimmed what? twice a year… I need that twice a year. And I am special because I know most people don't live that way. Where are people going? I will run wild and ragged before I go to supercuts! I've been thinking on this alot, obviously and I have NO solutions…. YET! But I am putting the chi out there for you babe!


  2. they are going cheaper places. two people told me that this weekend. it's becoming dismal. i had one client today. and an eyebrow wax. i need some chi. and some chicken sacrificing. and solace in cheese. all of it. any of it. i don't know either.


  3. Seriously, you could substitute on Mondays and make around 100 dollars since you have a college degree. I know how you feel about that but if it gets bad… fall you could sign up. People cut where they can starting with personal things….I'm with Gert tho…surely they need basic cuts…what about your regulars??? Have they all lost their jobs or are they just cutting back… Can't wait to see you. They didn't put B in the hospital so I guess nothing major is wrong with his heart that shows up…He has an appt on July 2. Much love, see ya this weekend. Mamo


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