Moist. and Glitter.

Ok. I JUST got home from seeing a rock your balls and face off production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I have to state here and now, that I have had unpure thoughts of the lead actor in all his drag and glitter glory. I’ve already got a talent crush on the fella, he’s roomates with one of my best good’s. But seriously. SERIOUSLY. Sitting there with Trisha tonight in a sold out house thinking Man. I could have me some of that glitterati red lipstick and holy shitballs he’s making me moist what with all the singing and those CHEEKBONES…

then. THEN I come home and approve a comment on the previous post. Take a moment here and let’s everyone go have a quick cookie lookie.

tick tock


whoever signed in under Dax Shephard and made a comment? Good. Call.

I LIT UP off of this couch like someone put an angry inch in ME.


and now, I retire. I have a 9 hour day of banging hair with little time to eat nary a cheerie nor an oh. Yes. I am a whore for the money. I’m ok with it. You can be too. I retire…with a grin on my face, to sleep.

Perchance to dream.

Of Dax Shephard.

Once more...and feel me.

Or Hedwig.


Or Matthew Alvin Brown.

Or that damned glitter lipstick.

3 thoughts on “Moist. and Glitter.

  1. He looked way better in person. One of my friends was Hedwig. Spencer’s roommate to be exact. He was off the charts brilliant. He won’t be around here much longer I suspect. Which means me and my talent crush will have to stalk him from afar.


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