Scream Therapy

Audra bought me a card, many moons ago, that suggested it not be inappropriate for adults to participate in scream therapy.

After this week. I concur.

If you cracked open my head there would be the entire army from Braveheart rallying and screaming and painted all halfway blue and wielding swords.

It’d be nice if they were on MY side.

Bright spots of the week:

Family dinner celebrating my girl’s 40th birthday that is Saturday. It’s always nice to gather around a table and share jokes and eat and ohh and ahh and laugh.

I got a break through from my professor yesterday on the major author bibliography assignment. I’m going to get a goodly amount of research down on paper today. That’s a relief.

I have no idea how to research my Atlick Problem. Here it is:

“what public figures gave statements to the English Press on the Occasion of the death of Graham Greene in 1991.”

I’ve cruised several databases. Searched the London Times. I know it’s an easy thing…or not. I just have a block as to how and were to even begin.

Perhaps research isn’t my strong suit after all.

I’ll be at the library Friday night, Saturday, Sunday as well I’m sure. I’ve also got four sheets of about 30 objective questions to finish for my mid term exam in YA Lit. Also I have got to finish the Anne Frank diary. I have a mental block on this book. I’m halfway through it, and I’ll review the objectives…but I need an A on this test and I’m pretty convinced my professor grades purely based on her body temperature that day.

I lay all of this out here not to whine and moan. But to kind of get my brain wrapped around my to do list. And to show proof that when I say I am flooded and cannot be social and just up and go…I MEAN IT.


So. Here we are at Wednesday. And that’s pretty much all I’ve got. I hope you’re good and happy and rockin the week along.



4 thoughts on “Scream Therapy

  1. Ha. It’s not the objectives I’m worried about. I’ve read the material. It’s just time consuming. Now, that Atlick Problem…that’s another story! 🙂


  2. I have no idea what an Atlick problem is. Seriously. Zero.
    Graham Greene… Quiet American right? Wikipedia? Lots of references usually at bottom. Hell’s bells sis. I wish I could help.
    Write what you know.
    I sometimes start with a quote. And a glass of liquor. Just one. Loosens up the brain, gets the juices flowing.
    One thing that was good and bad when I went back to school is that I was isolated from everyone I loved. It was good because it forced me to do what I was there to do without distractions… bad thing was that I love all those distractions.
    I know you are doing all that you can and I am so proud of you.
    Perhaps an old fashioned trip to the bookstore, breathe in the learning juices, get a cup of coffee. Find a chair… take your computer… dig out a plaid skirt… be the school girl.


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