Weekend Update

We’re halfway through the mega weekend…this morning I made pancakes (real ones not microwaved ones) and we’re just sitting around witching nick on tv.

Yesterday was frantic. After working a wedding Friday night, and laughing my ass of with Rach, (it was a wedding for the books, ya’ll. lot’s of laughing) I got up and got on the road Saturday to head to Fayetteville for my 1pm audition. I got there extra early, which was fine with me. I didn’t really know where I was going, and wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to just adjust and be calm and get prepared.

I think the audition went well. I read, my voice was a little shakey with emotion and adrenaline. I got great response from the three women, lots of laughing and good vibes…until…until I got to the part where I state that I am Not a mother. And when I said that I was from OKC. And it was probably my insecure voices. Because we all know those bitches are loud. So. we’ll see.  We find out tonight. Either way, and I’m one hundred percent honest about this, if I don’t get picked to perform I’m fine. It’s the first time someone read my words and said, We Like This. It was an amazing affirmation. It’s like when you write something and get a billion comments. Comments are a warm fuzzy blanket of affirmation.

If I don’t get picked it means no crazy driving to Arkansas for rehearsals and performance. No spending 100 bucks per weekend round trip. That’s cool.

If I do get selected, then equally great. What an honor.It will be an amazing thing, and I have already got plans for Trish and I to submit for OKC to be a venue for next year in Oklahoma City…and for Infant Crisis Center to be our charity.

So. We find out tonight. Onwards and upwards.

I’m about to start bangin hair. But I’m afraid I forgot a brush and a bottle…I may have to run into town and find something at walmart or if there is an ulta or something.

Crisis averted here.

Last night I got to see my sisters new house. it’s BIGGER THAN THE BLUE BANANA!!! I can’t wait for them to get into it and get settled…the holidays are going to be awesome this year.

They have an offer on theirs and we’re all on pins and needles waiting to see if it goes through.



Tonight I head to Tulsa for the Edward Sharpe concert. YAY live music! Trish has been at SXSW this week and is texting me new music that she’s watching. I’m so excited to download all of it and start having new tunes! Which, I just scratched off a code of an itunes gift card and damned if I didn’t scratch too hard and removed half of the number. flop.

what else?

Oh yeah. The Universe is presenting me with several things. I’m taking in a boarder, for a few nights a week for the next 8 weeks. My sister has a student intern at work that is coming to OKC for her school nutrition rotation. She’ll stay with me a few nights and I’ll get some extra cash. I also have another friend who’s looking for a place to stay. We’re going to talk about it tomorrow.

This is good. I have some tax debt to pay coming up. I have a trip to San Diego coming up this year. There’s things I could certainly use the extra cash for.

So. That’s it from here. Hope you’re soaking up some good time this weekend.

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