They Like Me…They Really Like Me!


I got cast!


If you want to come see me please get your tickets right now. as in yesterday. 

Look, ya’ll…they’re only 18 bucks.

SO. go. get em.

Right now, I have had a weekend full. Full of LIVING THIS LIFE.

Edward Sharpe was absolutely stupidgood. SO GOOD. It was spiritual. We laughed and cried and danced. I recorded two songs that I will attempt to upload. i.e. I will have Trish attempt to upload. We sang, we talked. We came back to our hotel and laughed some more. We danced. We (the grownups…term used loosely) had a night cap(s)

And we talked about living this life. Trish and I BOTH had a crazy lead in to tonight’s event. crazy busy. But as she said, “ya know what? WHY NOT???”

why not indeed.

so. tonight I got cast in a show where I will go speak about not being a mother. and I danced crazy at a venue that for me, is just a spiritual experience. I saw some friends there, and I end this weekend with girls that I love, having seen family that I love, feeling like I’m loved in return.

what more…I ask you?

5 thoughts on “They Like Me…They Really Like Me!

  1. Not too much more, I tell ya. I am so excited for all of this. It’s one thing for those of that love you to leave comments every day and tell you how gret you are, but when a stranger does it and then they want you to read that work for an audience?!?! Well…it’s gotta be a pretty amazing feeling.


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