Circle It Up, Yo!

My friends and I circle things.

We circle things that need focus, that need support, that need energy and prayer and love and light.

There’s more to it, but let me just begin today by asking for some circles.

I’ve got two friends across the country who are dealing with parental health issues. It’s strange, when we get into this demographic, to think that THIS is what we are thinking about. Worrying about. Dealing with.

I’ve got another friend who is the pillar of support for a family member dealing with Fucking Cancer. It’s exhausting and weary.

Kikimama’s lump has returned. When we had it removed this year, it too was fuckingcancer. So I’ll schedule an appointment and get her in to see the doc.

Life, I think, has a way of giving us the extra whatever to deal with this. It levels a whole lot of shit out, so that we’re able to deal with the bigger shit.

Maybe that’s just ridiculous logic. Maybe it holds water. Either way,

Put us all in your healing energy love power praying support circles today.


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